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“The Gathering” 6 x 8″ oil on canvas $96
SOLD Thanks J.E.

Today and for the last eight? nine? years, Dennis and I have been gathering with a group of friends nearly every month for a great pot-luck meal and some sort of activity, set by the hosting couple, where we always learn something new about each other. We have made raku pots, put mosaics on walls, written haiku, researched where our food came from, walked silent in the dark and shared our experience of it, watched provocative documentaries, and talked about everything from our favorite books to local ballot measures.

This painting was made after a Gathering at our house; there are usually twelve of us. It was interesting to me that everyone in the painting could be identified by the group. A few tiny brush-strokes can say so much; a good thing for this painter to remember.

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