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Open House weekend

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All day Saturday visitors trickled in the door.  Never too many to handle, time to talk with old friends and meet neighbors, explain the work, offer hot cider and cookies. And Sunday? The same! Unheard of in our history of Studio Sales. Dennis thought he would catch a ball game today. I was planning to do some work on the website.  But in they came and it was so affirming. It was also fun to see people grasp the meaning of the Two-for-One Sale, clutching the piece they had chosen and then realizing they got to pick our a 2nd item at no cost. It was never a casual choice.

I feels so good to have met this goal of having our work spaces set up, cleaned up and ready for whatever comes next.  And displaying all our work that has been packed away for so long gives us some sense of where we have been and where we might be going. For Dennis it’s the end of all his gas-fired ceramics and a new adventure in firing electric, but for me… a painting is never “finished” until someone buys it so I may be revisiting some of these older canvases.  More on that later.

Next it’s time to get ready for our daughter and grandson’s arrival tomorrow evening. The display in our studios will stay up for a while – anyone who wants to come shopping is welcome.


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