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At the Window

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“At the Window” 8″ x 6″ oil on canvas SOLD Thanks, A.M.

My daughter shot the photo below, in the bathroom mirror of our motel room, on the last trip we took together. She likes the work of Edward Hopper and maybe saw something of his mood in me standing at the window. Someone once commented that my work reminded them of Hopper (those paintings are on my web site, not on this blog), which I considered a supreme compliment, and Rachel’s photo inspired me to move that way once again. I include it to show once more how a painting can come from photo without copying it.

My husband, Dennis Meiners, and I are getting ready to participate in our 25th year at Ceramic Showcase in Portland April 25-27. Dennis won Best of Show at this big event last year so his Falling Horse sculptural teapot graces all this year’s publicity for the show. Since I no long make ceramic sculpture I show my paintings as canvas giclee prints mounted on ceramic plates which form their frames. Sounds pretty hokey, but they are not and my collectors really like them. Every year I resist doing this a little more. Truthfully, there’s not much I’d rather do than just paint (and sell them so I can make more).

Soo…you may not hear from me for a while. We will return on April 29 and I will head for the garden, which will need much attention.

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