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Brothers 3

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My wonderous nine month old grandson arrived here on the 26th to stay while his parents are in Japan. Skype is a wonderous thing even when the connection falters. We will return him to Portland on the 3rd, have a nice reunion and come home on the sixth.  THEN I will paint again.

Until then here’s what happened on the painting of the brothers.

I started defining the background with some tree branches and leaves, lightening the area behind the taller boy’s head and breaking up the big dark space on the left. I also lightened the tops of the rocks to keep that lighter diagonal moving.

Here’s the squinty eye take on how the values are working out according to my plan which is still visisble in the background.

Had to spend some time on these beautiful faces before I ended this session. I think I’ve caught the younger- now if I can just keep my brushes OFF, except for his hair which needs work.
At the end of this session I realize than in my desire for a light diagonal I have made the water look like milk.  Ah, three steps forward, two steps back.  And so it goes.

The next day I take the dog and return to Beaver Creek, where this idylic scene began. The water does not look like milk; it is a mirror.

With my new reference photos I rework the water. It’s better and I look forward to retrning to this painting.

Happy Halloween! I’ll be back in November.

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